Mitch Andrews, a local airline pilot, is hoping to land in a much more grounded career, as he is the lone Democratic candidate running for Walker County treasurer.

Voters should not be fooled by his current occupation, Andrews said he’s no stranger to the financial world, as he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Sam Houston State and worked in the Walker County treasurer’s office under Barbara McGilberry.

“I do have experience with it and after talking with Barbara, I have decided not only do I have the skills necessary to do it, but I also had things in my background that would make me most effective at it,” Andrews said. “I’ve always been driven to be in public service. I was selected to represent the pilots (of Continental Express Airlines) to negotiate their contract with management (from 1997 to 2001). I have a history of, if I think that I can be effective at something, then I will do it.”

If elected to office, Andrews said he already has a set of goals he is determined to accomplish.

“I will work with county officials to effectively manage and enhance county employee benefits, identify areas for maximum return on investments with minimal risk,” Andrews said, “and also maximize the collections of the county and state revenues.”

Recently, Andrews has been meeting with McGilberry, getting a feel for the office and everything the job entails. However, he said he realizes the issues present today may be long gone by the time a new treasurer is elected.

“I know everybody in that office, including Barbara and her investment officer that she has working for her, and I’ve already sat down (with Barbara) and discussed things that are going on now,” Andrews said. “The thing is, that will be an ongoing thing. I definitely plan on not only drawing from my education, but also keeping myself with any type of recurrent training and everything I can go through, like seminars on the newest investment-type options that are available.

“I think that things will always be changing,” he added. “Whatever’s going on today will be different next year, and even next month. It’s your ability to be able to adapt to those changes and effectively manage those changes. The best quality I will be able to bring to that office is being able to do that.”

As far as future changes go, Andrews said he has no fear and he’ll handle whatever situation flies his way.

“Decision-making skills — as airline pilots — that’s what we’re known for,” Andrews said. “We’re able to take any type of changing dynamics that are going on around us and make solid, rational decisions on those things.”

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