Amateur and professional artists alike will have their work displayed at the Wynne Home Arts Center through January as part of the Area Artist Exhibition.

The exhibition which will begin with an open house Oct. 10 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. will showcase a gallery of work for the Area Artists Exhibition, with the art being displayed through January.

“This is a community show with many artists involved. Most of the shows at the Wynne feature artwork by one person, but each artist submits one piece of work for this exhibition,” chairperson Barbara Sloan said. “This is a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their skills alongside professionals and notable names in the community.”

Among the pieces displayed are paintings, photography, drawings, fabrics and sculptures. Work is divided in the gallery by theme, with animals, nature and people displayed. The art also includes elaborate sculptures including a wood canvas and a model full of nails.

“It is great to see the work that is submitted for the show and how much talent we have in our community,” Sloan added. “We do not want the community to think that the art at the Wynne is only for big names and that their work is not important. Anytime someone’s work is suppressed, the community can miss out on something impactful and valuable.”

Much of the artwork displayed during the exhibition is created by first-time artists, but notable names in the art community, including Lee Jameison and David Attics, will also be displayed.

“We want to show that the Wynne Home is here for everybody in the community to enjoy art and see great pieces” Sloan said. “This exhibition is unique because it gives the community the chance to have a voice and give back.”

Attendees of the reception will be treated to wine and snacks, courtesy of the Friends of the Wynne, with the opportunity to purchase some of the work. An artist talk will also be held during the event. The last day to view the exhibit is Jan. 10.

“I encourage the community to come out and support their friends and neighbors featured in the exhibit,” Sloan added. “Art is something that all of us should celebrate.” 

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