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New evidence showing the delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may be more dangerous than other versions has prompted U.S. health officials to consider changing advice on how the nation fights the coronavirus, internal documents show.

editor's pick spotlight

In the era of the megablockbuster, it’s inevitable that certain films just come pre-packaged. Sometimes there’s a comfort in that, in the sense of knowing what you’re going to get before you get it, and the draw of a certain cast doing a certain kind of film is appealing for a lot of us no m…

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Should masks return as delta variant fuels new Covid cases?

The percentage of Texas Covid-19 tests coming back positive is now at levels considered red flags by Gov. Greg Abbott and the Trump administration during the height of the pandemic. State officials and virologists say the highly contagious delta variant is fueling the rise in new cases and hospitalizations, especially among the unvaccinated. The delta variant also is capable of infecting the vaccinated, considered breakthrough infections, although the vaccinated experience only mild cases. Should the public return to pandemic safety measures such as mask wearing in public places?

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