Huntsville High School

Cell phone video captured the chaos after a fight broke out Wednesday at Huntsville High School’s auxiliary gym, leaving some students with minor scrapes and bruises. 

According to a release from Huntsville ISD, altercations occurred between several female students in the gym just prior to the first school bell. The campus resource officers responded and diffused the situation, which saw skirmishes break out in four separate areas of the gym.

All students involved were promptly identified and turned over to campus administration for appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the district’s Student Code of Conduct.

“Student safety is our utmost concern and this behavior will not be tolerated,” HISD officials said in the release. “While fighting among high school students is very common, it is extremely unfortunate that it happened here. The poor choices made by these few students does not in any way reflect the overall quality of our entire student body.”

The incidents are currently under investigation by the Huntsville Police Department and HISD.