HPD New Assistant Police Chief named

Huntsville Police Assistant Chief Jim Barnes

In the first act as new Huntsville Police Chief Darryle Slaven has named Jim Barnes as the Assistant Police Chief for the Huntsville Police Department (HPD) on Monday.

Chief Slaven said he was proud that his first official act as Chief was to promote Jim Barnes to Assistant Chief effective immediately.  

“Asst. Chief Barnes has been serving as the Interim Asst. Chief for the past few months,” Chief Slaven said. “One of the benefits of promoting from within the department is that it allows for a smooth transition and provides opportunity for numerous promotions to well deserving and loyal employees who have worked for the department for many years.”

Asst. Chief Barnes started with the HPD in August 1994 as a patrol officer. He has served in almost every position within the department, including field training officer. He was promoted to sergeant in 2006 and to lieutenant in 2010. 

“Please join me in congratulating him to his new position,” Chief Slaven said. 

Chief Slaven’s promotion allowed Asst. Chief Barnes to promote, which in turn allows for a sergeant to promote to lieutenant and an officer or detective to promote to sergeant.  With promotions also comes the opportunities for officers to potentially move into corporal, detective or administrative positions.  

“This provides incentive for officers to stay in Huntsville and resist leaving for opportunities elsewhere,” Chief Slaven said.

Prior to his retiring, Chief Kevin Lunsford conducted a study which was presented to the Mayor, City Council and the City Manager.  The study explained how the police department needed additional supervisory positions to maintain span and control of the additional officers needed to keep up with the current growth of the city.  

“Our supportive leaders concurred with Chief Lunsford’s assessment providing our department one additional lieutenant and one more sergeant,” Chief Slaven said. “Promotional tests for the positions created from internal promotions and the additional positions added are currently underway.  All the promotions will not happen at the same time, but I will provide updates as they occur. Again, thanks for your support and stay safe.”

Asst. Chief Barnes said he was honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve the citizens of Huntsville. 

“I am happy to continue working alongside Chief Slaven,” Asst. Chief Barnes said. “I am thankful for the support of my friends and family, especially my wife who works for school district. We love to serve Huntsville. I also want to thank the citizens for their support.”

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