Hornet basketball set for return

The Hive

HUNTSVILLE — The upcoming Huntsville Hornet basketball season will soon return for the 2021-2022 season. Many players and coaches have great expectations for the season, wanting to continue their success from previous seasons.     

“We are extremely excited for this season, I can not wait to coach all our players and look forward to coaching our newest players too,” Hornets head coach Jay Oliphant said.

Huntsville basketball has great goals for this upcoming season hoping to win state. One of them being leadership opportunities for players, and secondly creating a positive environment for players to have fun. Many players on the team look forward to creating more goals for themselves to help achieve their possibilities on the floor and classroom.

“Our goals mean a lot to us, without them we wouldn't be nearly as successful. Leadership is arguably one of our most important goals for this program,” Oliphant added.

Playing for Huntsville basketball comes with great responsibility. Player expectations play a huge role during the classroom and court. The players have an important role in making sure grades are good and classroom behavior is exceptional.

“We make sure player expectations are always at 100%. If our players don’t do that then consequences will be placed and the player won’t play at all,” Oliphant added.

The Hornet basketball team has consistently been successful, nearly making state in 2020 and going undefeated in district play.

“This program's success has been amazing. My goal was to create a winning team and create leaders to build our community,” Oliphant said.

With big challenges ahead the Hornets look forward to this season hoping to reign to the top.

“We hope our season goes accordingly and hopefully this year we will have the opportunity to compete for state. The team looks forward to this upcoming season and hopefully we can make the Huntsville community proud,” Oliphant said. 

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