Its time to get into the holiday spirit. 

Volunteers from the Huntsville Memorial Hospital auxiliary are hosting a silent wreath auction fundraiser benefiting the hospital and scholarships for students pursuing a career in the health care field.

“This is our fifth year holding this fundraiser and it is done every other year,” said HMH Auxiliary President Nettie Thomas. “We always see great community support. Many of the wreaths are made by Heartfield Florist, but other businesses and citizens made them themselves.”

Many of the 38 wreaths that have been donated by local businesses, including McKenzies Barbecue, Huntsville Air Conditioning, Town and Country Cleaners, First National Bank, Heartfield Florist, State Farm, McCaffety Electric, Huntsville Farm Supply, Huntsville Pediatrics and Adult Medicine and Sam Houston Funeral Home. Several doctors, dentists and private citizens also donated wreaths for the fundraiser.

“These businesses and citizens have really come through for us as they do every year,” Thomas added. “There are so many beautiful wreaths this year with Christmas themes, fall themes and Thanksgiving themes. Some businesses even incorporated a bit of themselves into them. It is really a fun thing for us and them and it is for a great cause.”

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit five, $500 scholarships for Walker County students working towards a career in healthcare. The remainder will benefit the hospital, with past funds going towards the wheelchairs which were donated earlier this year by the auxiliary.

“The transporter chairs were our major contribution to the hospital, but we have also contributed to the landscaping and sprinkler system around the hospital, an ultrasound machine, decor and furniture in the lobby, and much of the equipment and furniture for the maternity ward,” Thomas said. “I really hope we have a good response from the community. This fundraiser is very special for us. It not only benefits scholarships and the hospital, but this is your community hospital, so the benefit is mostly for the community.”

The wreaths will be displayed in the hallways on the main floor of the hospital from Monday at 7 a.m. to Friday at noon., allowing visitors to bid on their favorite wreaths throughout the week.