Perseverance and dedication to God helped the Alexander family rise from the ashes and turn a bad hand into a victory. 

Daniel Alexander was in the hospital recover from a foot injury in January 2017 when he and his wife Carol received terrible news. The home the newlyweds had recently moved into and were renovating in Riverside, had burned to the ground, forcing them to start from scratch and pick up the pieces.

“My main concern during this time was for my wife, who now did not have a home,” Alexander said. “I found out about my heart in Huntsville, but I could not get the operation because of the infection in my blood. I still have not had it done.”

When he was younger, Alexander was injured when a marble slab fell on him at work, leaving him with nerve damage. After falling asleep with a heated blanket, his foot was severely burned, but due to nerve damage, he could not feel it. Alexander was taken to Huntsville Memorial Hospital and Conroe Regional Medical Center before arriving at Cornerstone, where he was told he would need a triple bypass.

Alexander eventually lost his pinky toe and part of his foot after the injury became infected, forcing him to undergo several months of physical therapy. He had to relearn how to walk, and to this day still uses a cane and custom shoes to get around.

While in the hospital, Daniel’s twin sister Dannette Dietz created a GoFundMe account to help pay for medical bills that insurance would not cover, and help to find the couple a place to stay. To date, the site has helped raise over $3,000 for the Alexanders. The Alexanders were also helped by JCPenny, where they met and continue to work, as the company’s “Golden Rule” program donated funds to help the couple in their recovery.

“We got a lot of help from our company and the community and it was so heartwarming,” Alexander added. “We were able to get a camper to live in and clean up our property.”

Prior to the trying year, Alexander became an ordained minister and wanted to start his own church. Finally, on Father’s Day, June 16, Alexander’s goal will be fulfilled.

“Our Father’s House” will open on the same property where just two years ago, the future was so uncertain. The building which will serve as the church was donated by a Conroe church. The Alexanders also received an unexpected gift Tuesday evening, when an anonymous donor gifted a home to the couple, in addition to $3,000.

“We put God first and we were gifted the church building,” Alexander said. “All of the sudden, this couple from Conroe decided to buy us a house. I am both blown away and extremely grateful. I am looking forward to giving back through my ministry.”

The GoFundMe page created for Alexander is still active and accepting donations, which will go into building the ministry and purchasing chairs for the opening service.

Donations can be made at

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