Huntsville city manager Kevin Evans wants to remain at the helm here for as long as he can, he told the Item on Friday, following an article that ran last week identifying him as one of four finalists for the city of Bryan city manager position.

“I am pleased to inform you that I have removed myself from consideration for the CM job in Bryan,” Evans said. “After visiting with my family and many friends over the last week, we have decided to stay in the community we love so much.”

“If they will have me I would not mind retiring right here.”

Evans said last week he was surprised and honored to be named a finalist in Bryan, but said he would have to seriously consider taking a new job for a different city council.

“Since I have been here, the City Council and staff have worked tirelessly, and we have turned the corner in many critical areas,” he said Friday. “I am proud to be associated with this group of folks and with this community. I look forward to seeing all the things we have started come to pass and I look forward to my continued service to the citizens of Huntsville.”

In a press release from the city of Bryan, Evans was among finalists from Clearwater, Fla., Bryan and Tomball for the position. Since April, the search for a new city manager was facilitated by The Mercer Group of Atlanta.

Evans said last week he was recruited for the position by Mercer and was not actively seeking a career move.

“Nothing going on here has prompted this. I was recruited for this job, and until today, it was not a serious consideration,” he said then.

Evans said he has put in too much time with the current council to quit now.

“All the folks here that contacted me, and wanting to finish all the work we have started the last two and a half years (helped me make a decision to stay),” he said.

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