Women of Worth Ministries is seeking to help women recreate themselves.

“Giving a woman hope for the future not only strengthens the woman and her family, but strengthens the community as a whole,” said Tameka Edison, a co-founder of the ministry. “Most women only need a hand up, not a hand-out. Our ministry will provide them with the necessary training to secure a job, a safe place for themselves and their children to live, and a start to a better life.”

The organization seeks a mission of providing life skills, leadership, time management, organization and problem solving skills. They also work to help women build self confidence by improving their self-esteem with their personal presentation and appearance.

“It’s not just about women who are down on their luck, but also those that have been at a job for 20 years and are looking to improve their standing,” Edison added. “It’s for women from all walks of life. We look to empower them to improve themselves.”

Education courses offered by the ministry include reading, writing and computer skills. They hope to be able to offer GED classes in the future.

“This is a judgment free zone,” said Renee Spivey, the other co-founder of the ministry. “If a person is serious about making a change in their life, then we are serious about helping them.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 34.4 percent of Huntsville residents live in poverty with a median household annual income of only $32,715.

“We’ve been there and we know what it is like living paycheck to paycheck,” Spivey added. “I know how bad it is. I’m doing good right now, but that’s only thanks to other people that believed in me and wanted to help me.”

Data also shows that only 22.1 percent of residents have a bachelor’s degree, which is significantly below the state average.

“A lot of people want to get out of poverty, but they don’t know how,” Edison said. “It’s not that you’ve been told that you can’t, but people have never been told that you can. Living on government supplements should not be a permanent thing, just a way to help people get back on their feet. No one just wants to break out of that culture.

“It’s not too late for people to get an education and better themselves, no matter what age they are. They have to take what we give them and apply themselves. We hope to be the foundation for the women of the community.”

The ministry is a 501(c)3 non-profit operates on donations from the community along with state and federal grants. To donate visit www.wearewomenofworth.org or visit their office at 1212 10th Street in Huntsville.

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