Did you get your daily affirmations yet?

The Hive

"Believe in yourself" and “love yourself" are all affirmations that are written daily.

Recently, students who use the female bathroom at Huntsville High see written affirmations posted every day in the bathrooms downstairs.

Some people don’t see the usages of affirmations. They think that people should already know that they’re strong and beautiful. But in most cases, females don’t see that and need a little extra help. They may even not feel bad that day; just a little note to read to help prove them right.

"They’re cute. I think it’s nice that someone is trying to boost someone’s day." said senior Cidnee Lamb.

Furthermore, people's confidence in simple everyday life may not be okay. A lot of females experience this for multiple reasons. A little boost from a note can change their mood or just give them the acknowledgment that somebody is trying to help.

"It will boost someone's confidence," said senior Elexie Gonzaez.

Some days may be bad. There’s days that can put someone in a terrible mood. On those days, emotions and confidence are at an all time low.

“It could make someone’s day! Maybe they’re going through something." said sophomore Skylar Clark.

Ultimately, having someone, even a stranger; give you an affirmation daily can make your day. Teachers could be helping a student(s) by putting the affirmations in the bathrooms, but nobody knows.

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