Four suspects were arrested after being observed in the process of stealing catalytic converters at the Grove Apartments on Sycamore Avenue last week. Citizens alerted the Huntsville Police Department before beginning to film the theft. Although the suspects fled the area, Sam Houston State University Police apprehended them that evening. Huntsville police quickly arrived on the scene and arrested the perpetrators around 6:30 p.m. on April 24.

All four suspects were local men with no affiliation to the university. Jeff Johnson, 18, Naaman Spivey, 19, Tyler Rivers, 18, and Delvin Whitehead, 18, were charged with misdemeanors for engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of marijuana.

Police Chief Kevin Lunsford said, “this type of theft causes the victim substantial inconvenience on top of their monetary loss.”  

Though they were unsuccessful because they fled before completing the theft, this was just the most recent in a spree in similar crimes on a local and national scale. Vehicles are targeted for their catalytic converters, which can be sold for upwards of $1200.

 “The Investigation is ongoing,” said Lieutenant Jim Barns, “though the Huntsville Police Department intends to work within its own jurisdiction and outside it with the aid of other departments to bring an end to these thefts.”

Catching these groups was a team effort that required cooperation between Huntsville and Sam Houston Police Departments, as well as the aid of citizens who reported the incident.

Thank you to the Sam Houston Police Department and thank you to the citizens who reported it,” said Lunsford.

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