At Huntsville High School there are many activities that students can participate in such as Business Professionals of America and Cosmetology. These activities give students a chance to brighten their future and make themselves look good for employers.

Every once in a while the class does something that would give the students more experience with what they want to do regarding their careers, like field trips.

“It’s going to be a great motivator for them to see people doing things,” Patricia Diggles exclaimed.

Business Professionals of America is a club based around business-related topics. The whole club is going to take a field trip going to a leadership conference in North Houston to work on their teamwork abilities as a whole. Doing different activities to help them for the future and to strengthen their bond as a team/club.

“We work the school store and do things like sell photos from the photobooths for students,” Jenin Borbor stated.

Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the hair, face, and skin, being in this course will have you doing hair styling and coloring hair. What better way to get experience with hair than take a field trip. The seven seniors will be going to Dallas to the Texas International Beauty And Wellness Expo. They were able to learn many new things from styling hair, or how to open your own business.

“They are going to have a lot of different things from professional stylists from classes over hair, it’s going to be a well-rounded experience,” Diggles said.

“Imagine if more classes were doing field trips, I feel like that would be interesting because the students would get more chances to experience things that they want to do involving their careers.” Borbor added.

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