Appreciate what's offered, not what's handed to you


Huntsville High’s janitorial staff have helped clean and offer countless acts of kindness through keeping our school clean. However over the past month we are slowly losing our kind janitors and it can be a lot for the ones we have left.

¨They're really nice, I say hi to them all the time and thank you, to show how much I appreciate them.¨ sophomore Jaylia Box said. ¨And I really hope that they stay and that they get a thanks from the students and other staff because they do really work hard.¨

To help janitors, many of the school's students have tried to pick up the restrooms and even have tried to help some teachers maintain messes in the classrooms.

¨They’re all really kind.¨ sophomore Madyson Johnson said. ¨I see them walk around and pick up trash that kids leave at lunch and wipe down tables. They do a lot for our school and it sucks to watch people just walk all over that because they don’t have to but they choose to.¨ 

“The janitors are such a big help to our school and I believe they should be more appreciated for the things they do, more students should try and help out by cleaning up after themselves more,” junior Hope Grant added.

Their actions don't go unnoticed and the students of Huntsville High School are grateful for everything you do without complaint. The kind, friendly, and loving characteristics you all continue to display, is truly astounding. So once again, thank you for everything you do. They are all truly a blessing.

“The janitors are always really sweet to students and offer to pick up additional trash. I’m glad we have them around because without them, our school wouldn’t be as clean,” sophomore Emily Zunker said.

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