Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a former oilfield hand and radio station account manager, but now he relishes his role as a minister and executive director of Good Shepherd Mission.

“The mission is a safety net for society ... for people that fall through the cracks,” he said. “The cracks have gotten pretty large. We’re faith-based, and stick to the red letters in the Bible.”

The mission provides case management and the help people find resources available to them, as well as offer a food bank, clothing and furniture.

“We have to be able to repurpose our donations -- people give us food, clothing, furniture,” he said. “We also take in people and help repurpose them.”

Smith said the mission was ecumenical and urges people to go to a church of their choice, build relationships and serve the community that way. Smith said that while he felt a calling to do ministry, he knew I didn’t want to be at a church.

After graduating seminary school, he was told of the director’s position at Good Shepherd. At first, he turned down the position, but months later, events turned and he took up the mantle of director.

“Within about two weeks it became crystal clear this was what I was supposed to be doing,” he said. “We set up an environment where people are safe, and if they are so moved, they will move forward in life as God wants them to. We’re here to help with that.”

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