Vicki McKenzie

Spirituality. It drives Vicki McKenzie to give.

“My Christian beliefs drives my passion, and I have a passion for people,” she said. “You need to give joy to people. I’ve been like that my whole life.”

While growing up, McKenzie participated in food drives and bake sales with her family. Now, she does a little of everything. She is in the Rotary Club, she is a lifetime member of the Walker County Fair, the Main Street program and The Ark Church of Huntsville. Her newest endeavor will have her being a counselor for a foreign exchange student from Spain.

“Anything that the city does I get involved with,” she said. “The children that live here need a good future ... the town needs to be kept beautiful. I see that as rewarding, but I see that what you give to society you get from society.”

McKenzie became a resident after moving from Montgomery County with HEB — a move that she requested.

“I love that this is a town with so many organizations that help people, especially children,” she said. “The town’s well-grounded, but looks forward.”

Her giving isn’t just personal, she also participates through her position as a leader with HEB — wanting to give Huntsville all that she can give.

“We do a whole lot,” she said. “That’s our culture.”

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