Cheryl Eschenfelder

Cheryl Eschenfelder feels that being a volunteer gives everyone a chance to use their special skills to make a community grow, and at the same time forge lasting bonds.

“As I’ve moved from place to place, I’ve made better friends through volunteering than in other ways,” Eschenfelder said. “People who volunteer have a clear understanding that while talent and capability are spaced equally through people, opportunity isn’t. Volunteering gives a place for people to use those talents, and gives children especially a way to express their abilities.”

Eschenfelder is the vice president of the Old Town Theatre Board, and has been since 2002, the last of what she calls the original board.

“I’ve served with some amazing people,” she said. “Many board members are gone now, but we’ve kept this thing going.”

“We’ve done a lot of good work, bringing the operation into the 21st century, and bringing a lot of good entertainment to Huntsville,” she said. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done. It’s an asset to community, an asset to downtown. Old Town has been the center of the downtown revitalization.”

Because of her experience, Eschenfelder encourages every person she knows that there’s a reward in volunteering.

“My parents brought me up to volunteer, and I did my first work at 9,” she said. “I’ve volunteered since then, all through school and into college. I’ve been taught it’s my duty to give back.”