Due to the severe storms forecasted in the Gulf, two Huntsville ISD campuses, Huntsville High School and Mance Park Middle School, have been activated by the county as evacuee shelter sites for southern coastal community residents. Therefore, Huntsville ISD is immediately transitioning all students at Huntsville High School and Mance Park Middle School to Model C online learning at home until further notice.

For Huntsville High School and Mance Park Middle School students who require school lunch meals, curbside service will be offered at each campus from 1-2 p.m. during school operating days, only. Curbside Lunch meals will follow the Free, Reduced and Paid statuses of students. If the student is not eligible to receive Free or Reduced meal pricing, payment will be required curbside. To be considered for the Free or Reduced Meal program you must apply each school year. To apply visit https://www.huntsville-isd.org/meals for details and application information.

Huntsville High School and Mance Park Middle School will distribute Chromebooks and wireless internet access (MiFi) devices to registered students who do not have access to technology at home. Please contact the campus to arrange a date/time for device pick up, if your student is in need.

All other HISD campuses will remain unchanged as they are not used as shelter sites. HISD Pre-K through 6th grade students will continue to report to school in person or online according to their designated Model of instruction. Bus transportation will also continue for PreK through 6th grade students who are currently registered and approved to ride.