Graduation is right around the corner for the seniors at the high school. With graduation coming it means that it is time for invitations and announcements to be sent out. Three package sizes are available on for seniors wishing to tell family and friends of their big day.

“I’m planning on purchasing the smallest package, the one with ten announcements.” said Evan Williams.

The smallest package costs $74.95 and comes with ten announcements, twenty five thank you notes and envelopes, and sixty return address labels. However the second package is $114.95 and contains twenty announcements, the same number of thank you notes and envelopes, twenty five stickers, and an announcement cover.

“If I were to get a package, I would get the second one because it is the midpoint between the other two.” Steve Meija explained.

The third package is $224.95 with fifty announcements, as well as fifty of everything mentioned above and one announcement cover. Among the seniors interviewed, package three is a top contender. 

“I’ve already ordered the one with fifty announcements and I plan to invite around thirty people at the moment.” Lydia Henderson stated.

Invitations to graduation are already being planned for teachers as well, many students have planned to ask their favorite teachers to attend their big day.

“No one has invited me yet, but I know of several students that plan to.” senior sponsor Jennifer Mims said.

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