'Witnessing history' across the globe

SubmittedLocal photographer Barbara Sloan, center, discusses the construction of a new hospital in the Indian village of Darlawng with Indian singer Lalhmingliani Schäfer, left, and Bjorn Gunnar Lefnaer.  

Local photographer Barbara Sloan was a witness to history earlier this year as she was commissioned to photograph the construction of a hospital in Northeast India. 

The hospital, which was financed by German philanthropist Bjorn Gunnar Lefnaer, was built in the small indian village of Darlawng.

“Darlawng is in one of the very few Christian states in India, and is struggling to survive,” Sloan said. “It was like I was witnessing history in an area that was in desperate need for a medical facility.”

'Witnessing history' across the globe

SubmittedVillagers gather outside a new hospital in the small Northeast India village of Darlawng. 

Lefnaer, who became widely known from his German TV show “Goodbye Deutschland,” financed the emergency infirmary, which was initiated by the Indian singer Lalhmingliani Schäfer. Schäfer donated charity concerts in Stuttgart-Vaihingen and won the German Rock and Pop Award under her stage name Mimi 2017. Their non-profit, Mimi eV Medical Improvement Mizoran India, was seeking to quickly build a small hospital in their former home to improve the barren health care in the village.

“Mimi approached Bjorn for financial support to build an emergency hospital on her family land that she donated to the village,” Sloan added. “While Bjorn agreed to support building the infirmary, there will be continued support needed from other sources to provide medical supplies and staff.”

Lefnaer examines the progress of the construction at regular intervals. Without donations, sponsorship and grants, many charitable projects would not be possible. Lefnaer, who is already working on further plans in this direction, knows this too.

“In the future I will concentrate more on the promotion of science and research as well as on health care,” Lefnaer said on his future projects.