Huntsville teen Caleb Culak started his own lawn business, Caleb Cuts, just four weeks ago, providing hedge trimming, weed pulling, gardening and mowing services to the community. Now, the young entrepreneur has visions of a life-long career for himself and his brothers.

While most kids are spending their summer inside cooling off with the latest technology for entertainment, one Huntsville teen is building his empire.

It was nearly four weeks ago that Caleb Culak had been walking through his friend’s neighborhood when he happened upon an older woman that was having difficulty mowing her lawn in the sweltering Texas heat. With a heart for helping others, Culak offered his service and returned with his dad’s lawn mower and weed eater to mow her lawn.

It wasn’t meant to be anything more than a single good deed, however, her gratitude and the feeling of a job well done inspired Culak to go further.

At 13 years-old, Culak brought the idea of starting his own lawn business to his parents, trimming hedges, gardening, pulling weeds and mowing.

“I wanted to start my own lawn business because I was tired of being indoors and playing video games,” Caleb Culak said. “I wanted to do something productive, I’ve always liked to help people and helping my parents take care of their lawn.”

Now, with the occasional help from his friend Mike McGinnis, Culak has eight lawns that he takes care of regularly, however, he is hoping to take on more and plans to continue his work throughout the school year.

“My goal is not just to finish school and go to college, it’s to make the business bigger so I can hire my younger brothers whenever they get older,” Culak said.

Culak’s big dreams are inspired by his role model, local real estate mogul Adam Olsen, who found huge success at a young age, and so far, Culak is off to a great start. The experience of starting his own business has taught him about discipline and has helped him improve his skills that will carry him through life and his future career.

“He’s a really nice, really cool, smart kid, and I think he’s going to do really well. It’s not often that you see someone at 13, 12 years-old, trying to do something like what he’s doing,” The Adam Olsen Team owner Adam Olsen said. “It’s very encouraging and definitely an inspiration to see someone at that age with that level of drive and focus.”

To request a lawn service, call (936)994-8881 or find Caleb Cuts on Facebook.