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November 18, 2009

Big Buck Update

Early season rutting activity paying off for Texas whitetail hunters

Tryson Brock of Kenefick got a couple of major surprises when he headed out to his deer stand on the afternoon of Nov. 8. The first one was somewhat alarming.

Brock said he had been in his stand for a short time when he got a phone call from another member on the 1,200-acre Polk County deer lease. The message indicated that the club’s president, B.F. Williams, had just fallen 20 feet from his box blind and was injured.

“He said red wasps swarmed him when he opened the door on the blind,” Brock said. “He managed to throw his rifle into the box before he fell off the ladder. Somehow he landed on his feet when he hit the ground and all he ended up with was a sprained ankle out of the deal. Boy, he was really lucky.”

In hindsight, so was Brock. The unfortunate incident forced the hunter to abandon his initial stand choice and settle in at another once Williams was tended to. The move ultimately brought him up close and personal with the biggest buck he had ever seen.

“My stand is way on the back side of the lease,” Brock said. “If I had gone back there, I would have had to drive right past everyone else and risk spoiling their afternoon hunt. I didn’t want to do that, so I just went to my wife’s stand that was nearby.”

Brock said daylight was beginning to fade when he detected movement along the edge of a brush line, about 75 yards away. Moments later, he saw what appeared to be a decent buck milling around in a small opening.

“I was watching that deer when this giant stepped out,” Brock said. “I couldn’t tell much about him other than he had one heck of a set of horns. Every time the other buck would get close, the big one would try to hook it with its antlers.”

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  • Big Buck Update Tryson Brock of Kenefick got a couple of major surprises when he headed out to his deer stand on the afternoon of Nov. 8. The first one was somewhat alarming.

    November 18, 2009

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