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Letters to the Editor

August 2, 2013

Letters: Wagamon, Thomas

Phony and outrageous don’t mix

Dear Editor:

The sobering cartoon that appeared in the Item reminding us that four Americans died on September 11 and we still do not know the circumstances from a president who promised to get to the bottom of the Benghazi terrorist attack.

It is indeed uninspiring when our president goes smiling about the country with his sleeves rolled up and announces that we have a series of “phony scandals” which keep the country in political gridlock. Especially since the president has branded one of the “phony scandals” as OUTRAGEOUS.

We have been literally besieged with “phony scandals” beginning with the Fast and Furious fiasco, then the Associated Press mess, the IRS debacle which is now coming to rest in Washington, the James Rosen co-conspirator Department of Justice legal problem, and the NSA gathering of our phone calls and emails for our security. The list keeps growing with each passing day.

The president has found a way he thinks to make these disasters disappear or slip into our mind as the way things work in Washington by describing these events as “phony.” There is no way four dead Americans in Benghazi is a “phony scandal.” The president knows it and so do the rest of us.

Charles Wagamon


Community’s support appreciated

Dear Editor:

Community is a valuable commodity that can enrich lives for decades to come.   Today I am very proud to live in a community that reflects the love and care that a community should have towards one another.  

With the loss of my dear sister I never expected to receive the attention given to me and my family.  Death is a difficult thing to face, especially when it is someone you genuinely love and care for.  

Because of the community displayed by Huntsville we were able to embrace this difficult time with a sense of love, compassion and care.  

 The outpouring of cards, calls. Flowers, food and visits helped us to focus on what truly matters and that is faith, family, friends and community.  I cannot begin to list every single person that contributed to that sense of community for my family but, you know who you are.  

On behalf of my family I extend to each of you a heartfelt thank you!  

Ronald, Kimm and Kimmron Thomas




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